Machi Melamine Quality

100% Melamine

Unlike other urea based dinnerware, that eventually wears out with usage, MACHI’s range is truly 100% melamine. This make it resistant to heat, chemicals and moisture. It remains unchanged even after repeated contact with cleaning detergents.

Safe and Hygienic

Since MACHI melamine is 100% melamine, it is 100% food grade and is non- toxic. So you can be assured that no food residue or color pigment will enter you food.

Stain Proof & Fade Proof

MACHI product’s color remains unchanged even after repeated usage and cleaning. It will also not absorb common stains of spices and oil which is used in cooking.

Chip Resistant

MACHI will never let you down. It is truly a value for money as it can withstand even the most demanding kitchen conditions.

Light Weight & Stackable

MACHI melamine is extremely convenient, light weight, easy to clean and store.

Heat Resistant

MACHI melamine products can withstand temperature up to 120°C.